Cloud Native News - CNN21/23
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Cloud Native News - CNN21/23

About ingress-less K8s clusters, terraform 1.0, SLOs with Sloth, how Netflix uses eBPF flow logs and CVE-2021-31440 container escape using eBPF
Cloud Native News - CNN21/23

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  • Giterministic CLI tool
    The CLI tool gluing Git, Docker, Helm & Kubernetes with any CI system to implement CI/CD and Giterminism. werf not only builds & deploys but also continuously syncs the current Kubernetes state with changes made in Git.




  • Disasters I've seen in a microservices world
    "Distributed systems are hard to grasp, and only recently most software engineers have been consistently exposed to them." - In my opinion, most organizations start too early to distribute services. Premature optimization is the root of all evil.

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