Cloud Native News - CNN21/37
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Cloud Native News - CNN21/37

Crossplane is now a CNCF incubating project, Single Pod Access to PersistentVolumes is a thing now, custom hardware can be used in Kubernetes, and read Envoys 5-year journey as an OpenSource project.
Cloud Native News - CNN21/37


  • Crossplane is now a CNCF Incubating project
    A little more than a year ago, Upbound donated the Crossplane project to the CNCF as it was accepted into the CNCF Sandbox. Now the project has been approved to move to the next phase as a CNCF incubating project!



  • See CNCF Live Webinar: Kata and Arm, a secure alternative in the 5G space at CNCF CNCF Online Programs
    In this talk, Kiel will demonstrate the 5G O-RAN component on Arm infrastructure and its importance within the 5G space, as well as discuss the potential effects of using an opensource component and its reduction in costs and increased customizability.
  • Isovalent Harnesses eBPF for Cloud-Native Security, Visibility
    “What really makes us stand apart is our use of eBPF as just a fundamentally game-changing technology that lets us provide deeper security, deeper visibility, better scalability. Instead of trying to take the old technologies and kind of bolt-on Kubernetes awareness to them, were able to kind of natively implement that inside the Linux kernel,”
  • 5 years of Envoy OSS
    "I think that if one has a goal to create an extremely successful OSS project they need to think of it like starting a business." - Valuable insights and "behind the scenes" of the genesis of the Envoy proxy and becoming a CNCF project.


Photo by Claudio Testa on Unsplash