Cloud Native News - CNN21/22
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Cloud Native News - CNN21/22

About Kubernetes autoscaling strategies, slim container images, Kubernetes finalizers, and a Simulator for CNCF exams!
Cloud Native News - CNN21/22

CNCF Community & Industry

Containers & Orchestration

  • The need for slimmer containers
    IMO the best point: "With the raise of containers, the burden of patching OS de facto moved from admin & ops people to developers ... but not every developer is aware of that yet"
  • Architecting Kubernetes clusters — choosing the best autoscaling strategy
    Yet another awesome writeup.
  • hasheddan/k8scr
    A super interesting PoC which "allows for pushing and pulling directly to and from an OCI image registry running in a Kubernetes cluster without having to expose it publicly or privately." - This means everyone can push/pull who has the required RBAC permissions. Nice idea!



  • Monitoring Velero Backup and Restore with BotKube
    BotKube is a messaging tool for monitoring and debugging Kubernetes clusters. Integrating it with a chat protocol can notify you of specific events. This article shows how to use BotKube to notify on Velero Backup and Restore events.



Photo by Dominik Martin on Unsplash