Cloud Native News - CNN21/24
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Cloud Native News - CNN21/24

About the name of Prometheus being used by a Ransomware, a Kubernetes Security report by RedHat and the announcement of etcd 3.5.
Cloud Native News - CNN21/24

CNCF Community & Industry

  • On Ransomware Naming
    Holy Cow... The names "Prometheus" and "Thanos" have recently been taken up by a ransomware group. While we can't do anything about it, it is at least good to be aware of it.

Containers & Orchestration

  • AWS Nitro Enclaves on EKS
    "A hands-on guide that will explore what it takes to create Pods that can spin up and manage Nitro enclaves in EKS."
  • Did we market Knative wrong?
    Ahmet Alp Balkan, Software Engineer at Google, shares his (external) view on why Knative did not yet achieve wide adoption. Hint: As always, there are no purely technical reasons.


  • State of Kubernetes security report
    "The state of Kubernetes security report examines how companies are adopting Kubernetes, containers, and cloud-native technologies while meeting the challenges of securing their vital Kubernetes applications. This report compiles the survey results from more than 500 DevOps, engineering, and security professionals and uncovers new findings about how companies that embrace containers and Kubernetes implement DevSecOps initiatives to protect their cloud-native environments."
  • A New Kind of Trust Root
    "This Trust Root will eventually be used to secure the keys used by the entire Sigstore project, but more importantly we’re planning to make our trust root available for any open source project that wants to use it!"

Data & Storage

  • Announcing etcd 3.5
    This blog post reviews the most notable changes to etcd 3.5 and presents a project road map for future releases. Most notable changes include extensive iterations in fixing numerous bugs, identifying optimization opportunities at scale, and evolving its surrounding ecosystem.
  • Scylla Operator: Ready for Production
    It is great to see things mature! Scylla is a drop-in replacement for Apache Cassandra and DynamoDB that is implemented in C++ rather than Java. And here is the headline: ScyllaDB now has a production-ready Kubernetes Operator!



Photo by Ryunosuke Kikuno on Unsplash