Cloud Native News - CNN21/21
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Cloud Native News - CNN21/21

About service mesh benchmarking, a v1.0 release of Argo Rollouts, solid SRE practices, and abusing ConfigMaps as OCI Image Cache.
Cloud Native News - CNN21/21

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Containers & Orchestration


  • Why (and how) GitHub is adopting OpenTelemetry
    GitHub implements OpenTelemetry to allow you are gaining tracing insights into your application. OpenTelemetry introduces a standard, vendor-neutral format for telemetry signals: OTLP. It also enables telemetry signals to be easily correlated with each other.



  • Kubernetes Schema Validation
    "Specialized tools and a "shift-left" approach make it possible to verify a Kubernetes schema before they're applied to a cluster. In this article, I'll address how you can avoid misconfigurations and which tools are best to use."


  • Benchmarking Linkerd and Istio
    The team around Buoyant repeated their performance experiments with the latest versions of Linkerd and Istio projects. The results show that Linkerd not only remains dramatically faster than Istio but now also consumes an order of magnitude less data plane memory and CPU while doing so. What a success!


  • Introducing Argo Rollouts v1.0. Progressive delivery done right!
    The Argo team launches Argo Rollouts v1.0, a tool supporting you in different styles of deploying your containers. To foster automation, the focus lies on progressive delivery, a metrics-based rollout, and traffic shift. This requires a solid integration into your network. The Argo project team managed to integrate with an extensive selection of service meshes and metric providers.


Photo by Maarten van den Heuvel on Unsplash