Cloud Native News - CNN21/20
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Cloud Native News - CNN21/20

About an updated CKAD curriculum for 2021, debugging distroless containers in Kubernetes, and how you're probably thinking wrong about Kubernetes.
Cloud Native News - CNN21/20

CNCF Community & Industry

  • Phil Estes on Containerd, Including K8s Deprecation of Dockershim, Container Runtime Architecture
    "Wes Reisz talks with Phil Estes, one of the containerd maintainers, about container runtimes. The two discuss the significance (in detail) of the announcement that dockerhsim will soon be deprecated in Kubernetes, the complete container runtime stack, work the Open Container Initiative (OCI) is doing today on a third container spec around registries, and more."
  • CKAD Curriculum 2021
    The CKAD curriculum changed. Most notably Helm is now a fixed part of what a Kubernetes Developer needs to know.
  • Red Hat and IBM Research Launch the Konveyor Project
    "To help in Kubernetes adoption, Red Hat and IBM Research have created Konveyor, an open source project aimed at helping modernize and migrate applications for open hybrid cloud by building tools, identifying patterns and providing advice on how to bring cloud-native transformation across IT."


  • Service Mesh Wars, Goodbye Istio
    After using Istio in production for almost 2 years, we’re saying goodbye to it. Learn why, as well as the current state of the Service Mesh Wars.
  • Increasing App Throughput with Linkerd
    Read about the learnings the company made while building a platform for near real-time data processing based on Kubernetes, linked, and gRPC.
  • Cilium 1.10 got a release
    The latest Cilium Version brings you support for in-cluster encrypted communication via wire guard, BGP, Egress IP Gateway and a stand-alone Load Balancer.


Containers & Orchestration

Data & Storage


  • WeeJeWel/wg-easy
    The easiest way to run WireGuard VPN + Web-based Admin UI. - WeeJeWel/wg-easy
  • Release v0.11.0 · Kubernetes-sigs/kind
    v0.11.0 brings in much sought-after support for multi-arch, rootless, dual-stack along with a couple of performance fixes. Breaking Changes The default node image is a Kubernetes v1.21.1 image: ki...

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