Cloud Native News - CNN21/19
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Cloud Native News - CNN21/19

About CNI Benchmark and how to understand them correctly, finalizers to control deletions, best practices for supply chain security and ArgoCD ApplicationSets
Cloud Native News - CNN21/19

CNCF & Community


Containers & Orchestration



  • predatorray/kubectl-tmux-exec
    If you ever need to execute commands in multiple pods simultaneously in production it is likely you are doing something wrong. However, for the hopefully rare cases, this tool can come handy. A kubectl plugin to control multiple pods simultaneously using Tmux.


  • kcp-dev/kcp
    kcp is a prototype of a Kubernetes API server that is not a Kubernetes cluster - a place to create, update and maintain Kube-like APIs with controllers above or without clusters. Watch the KubeCon Talk.


  • Getting started with ApplicationSets in ArgoCD
    "Argo CD ApplicationSets is an evolution of the “App of Apps” deployment pattern. It took the idea of “App of Apps” and expanded it to be more flexible and deal with a wide range of use cases."

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