Cloud Native News - CNN21/17
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Cloud Native News - CNN21/17

About the 2021 Cloud Native Survey, production-ready K0S, a milestone Security-profiles-Operator release, and a new book about Cloud-Native Go...
Cloud Native News - CNN21/17

CNCF Community & Industry

  • Microsoft acquires Kinvolk
    Kinvolk, best known for their contributions to Weave Scope or the generous promise of forking CoreOS and maintaining "Flatcar Linux" has been acquired by Microsoft. The promise: existing Kinvolk products remain maintained!
  • CNCF Cloud Native Survey 2021: Part 1 is open now!
    As every year, there is a Cloud-Native survey conducted by the CNCF. This time the survey is split into two parts: the first survey will be about cloud, containers, and Kubernetes, while the second part will include other cloud-native technologies such as service mesh, serverless, and storage. The second part will be performed later in the year.

Containers & Orchestration

  • k0s Ready for Production
    With its latest release, K0S claims to be production-ready. After extensive work in the last 6 months, there is now an automated Backup and Restore functionality, a novel feature compared to other Kubernetes distributions.
  • Kubernetes is moving to three releases per year
    It was proposed a while ago, and now it is official: Kubernetes is reducing the number of releases to three releases a year. You can read more about it in the proposal.


  • kubernetes-sigs/security-profiles-operator
    A promising project focusing on simplifying the management of Linux security profiles reached a new milestone this week; noteworthy changes include the possibility to RECORD seccomp profiles via the OCI seccomp BPF hook, multi-architecture (hey arm64!), and a couple more!


  • Cloud-Native Go
    "This practical book shows you how to use Go's strengths to develop cloud native services that are scalable and resilient, even in an unpredictable environment. You'll explore the composition and construction of these applications, from lower-level features of Go to mid-level design patterns to high-level architectural considerations. Each chapter builds on the lessons of the last, walking intermediate to advanced developers through Go to construct a simple but fully featured distributed key-value store."
  • Enhanced Type Checking for OPA with JSON Schema Annotations
    OPA is more and more developing towards a swiss army knife for working with JSON. Enhanced type checking is just one new feature!

Data & Storage

  • Announcing Vitess 10
    "In this release, Vitess Maintainers have continued to focus on compatibility. It is still the most critical component of Vitess being part of the MySQL ecosystem. We have also started working on benchmarking and performance optimizations. These improvements have given us a clear vision of which areas of Vitess can be improved in terms of performance."
  • Intro NATS CLI
    NATS now brings an official CLI to interact with the NATS API. Features include observability functions, configuration, cluster interaction, and many more.


  • Tutorial: Tekton Triggers with GitHub integration
    "In this blog post we’re going to take a look at Tekton Triggers and integrate it with GitHub. We’re going to setup a GitHub webhook that will automatically run our pipeline when a GitHub PR is opened or new commits are pushed to an existing PR branch."


Photo by Akson on Unsplash