Cloud Native News - CNN21/16
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Cloud Native News - CNN21/16

About annotating Kubernetes services the right way, Istio networking changes, Cluster upgrading patterns and Falcosidekick...
Cloud Native News - CNN21/16

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  • Hunting down the stuck BGP routes
    A surprisingly visual explanation to an edge case in the BGP protocol leading to stuck routes.
  • Evolving Kubernetes networking with the Gateway API
    "... five years after the creation of Ingress, there are signs of fragmentation into different but strikingly similar CRDs and overloaded annotations. The same portability that made Ingress pervasive also limited its future." - Gateway API to the rescue!
  • Upcoming networking changes in Istio 1.10
    "Starting with Istio 1.10, the networking behavior is changed to align with the standard behavior present in Kubernetes." - you might be impacted - intentionally or accidentally!

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