Cloud Native News - CNN21/13
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Cloud Native News - CNN21/13

About outdated container images, debugging Go microservices in K8s, Service Mesh comparison and the rise of platform engineering
Cloud Native News - CNN21/13

CNCF & Community

Containers & Orchestration

  • How to replace Docker with Podman on a Mac
    At the current point in time, Podman doesn't have a Mac distribution like "Docker for Mac." With a bit of tinkering, it is still possible to utilize podman and work with it on MacOS.
  • Get Updated With Outdated
    "The plugin will scan for all pods in all namespaces that you have at least read access to. [...] The output is a list of all images, with the most out-of-date images in red, slightly outdated in yellow, and up-to-date in green."
  • The worst so-called “best practice” for Docker
    There are many recommendations on what to do and not to do with docker; this lineup shows you some false ones.
  • Podman v3.1.0 Released
    “The new Podman release includes several exciting new features, including the podman secret command for managing secrets, support for a volume chown option to fix permissions automatically, improved support for volumes in podman generate kube, and over 60 bug fixes, many to the HTTP API.”




  • Ask an OpenShift Admin Office Hour - CNI plugins and Multus
    This week’s stream was joined by three guests: Marc Curry, Product Manager for Red Hat OpenShift, along with Doug Smith and Tomo Hayashi, from the OpenShift engineering team. Together, they discussed and explored CNI plugins, their function, purpose, how they interact with Pods, and some troubleshooting tips.
  • A Kubernetes Service Mesh Comparison
    Service Meshes in review: this is a nice overview of the ins- and outs of different service mesh technologies like Linkerd, Consul, Istio, Kuma, Traefik Mesh, and AWS App Mesh. A nice little intro if you don't know what to look out for!


  • bcicen/ctop
    Top-like interface for container metrics. ctop provides a concise and condensed overview of real-time metrics for multiple containers:
  • The Rise of Platform Engineering
    Platform engineering teams have formed many organizations to shoulder new responsibilities, taming growing complexity and supporting product teams moving to the cloud-native environment.
  • How eBay Leverages Kubernetes, Helm Charts, and Jenkins Pipelines to Deliver High-Quality Software
    "EBays product teams can choose from multiple stacks (Java-spring/spring-boot, Nodejs, Python, etc.) to implement eBay’s 3000+ front-end UI, microservices, batch, and messaging applications. The application platform team is a central team that operationalizes open source projects for use at eBay by integrating horizontal capabilities such as monitoring and observability, logging,…"

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