Cloud Native News - CNN21/12
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Cloud Native News - CNN21/12

keptn, OCI compliant container runtimes and continuous deployment shapes this weeks cloud native newsletter...
Cloud Native News - CNN21/12

CNCF Community & Industry

Containers & Orchestration

  • ContainerSolutions/k8s-deployment-strategies
    See the different K8s rollout strategies side by side, their impact on costs, users, and uptime of your systems and clusters.
  • giuseppe/crun
    Meet crun, a fast and low-memory footprint OCI Container Runtime fully written in C, because it's faster with a smaller resource consumption footprint.
  • QuarkContainer/Quark
    It seems like container run times are en vogue this week: a secure container runtime with OCI interface - written in rust (I guess this is the new sign for quality? 🤪).
  • Using Kubernetes custom resources to manage our ephemeral environments
    How is your company creating and bootstrapping temporary dev or test environments? Peter Hewitt makes a case for describing them in custom resources and letting them create by an operator. An ocean of possibilities!



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