Cloud Native News - CNN21/14
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Cloud Native News - CNN21/14

Power to the community - Kubernetes 1.21 released, Docker without Docker, ArgoCD v2 with new major features, K8s SSO with Keycloak & OpenLDAP
Cloud Native News - CNN21/14

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Containers & Orchestration

  • PodSecurityPolicy Deprecation: Past, Present, and Future
    With the Kubernetes release v1.21, the PSPs enter the depreciation lifecycle before they are removed in K8s v1.25. Why is this happening? Well, others (OPA, Kyverno) are better at managing policies and applying validations or mutations.
  • Kubernetes Single Sign-On - A detailed guide
    The full solution uses Keycloak, backed by OpenLDAP, and enables OIDC based SSO for kubectl.
  • Kubernetes 1.21: Power to the Community
    Kubernetes 1.21, the first release of 2021, is out. This release consists of 51 enhancements: 13 enhancements have graduated to stable, 16 enhancements are moving to beta, 20 enhancements are entering alpha, and 2 features have been deprecated. This release cycle saw a major shift in ownership of processes around the release team.
  • What’s new in MicroK8s v1.21?
    Kubernetes v1.21 has been released this week. This post is not about what's new in Kubernetes, but the news of MicroK8s, a distribution targeting workstations, edge, and CI/CD workflows.
  • Docker without Docker
    Using containers for workload isolation is an established standard. However, it is known that isolation, as provided by container runtimes, isn't super strong. Here is how uses the best of OCI and integrates it with AWS Firecracker.



  • Argo CD 2.0 Released!
    Argo CD 2.0 is the first major release in over a year comes fully packed with some hot new features: Cross-cluster application management with application sets, rich notifications framework, better UI visibility for large applications with pod view, and many more
  • Announcing HashiCorp Waypoint 0.3
    "Git repository polling and remote runners come to HashiCorp Waypoint to enable powerful workflows such as GitOps, along with more major improvements."





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