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Cloud Native News - CNN42

About HA MicroK8s enabled by DQLITE, Serverless Computing Patterns and the future of Kubernetes traffic ingress and routing...
Cloud Native News - CNN42

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  • Introducing HA MicroK8s, the ultra-reliable, minimal Kubernetes | Ubuntu
    "The autonomous HA MicroK8s delivers a zero-ops experience that is perfect for distributed micro clouds and busy administrators" - "The datastore which makes this possible is Dqlite, Canonical's raft-enhanced Sqlite, embedded inside Kubernetes. Dqlite reduces the cluster memory footprint and automates datastore maintenance. MicroK8s can also be configured to use etcd, but Dqlite provides automatic, autonomous high availability."



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  • Introducing pvc-autoresizer - Kintone Engineering Blog
    Wouldn't it be nice to dynamically expand the size of a Persistent Volume Claim if necessary? pvc-autoresizer allows us to do precisely this for volumes provisioned with a CSI driver that supports VolumeExpansion!

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