Cloud Native News - CNN41
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Cloud Native News - CNN41

About Live CNI migrations, organizing Terraform at scale, Rooks graduation and Kubernetes DNS problems...
Cloud Native News - CNN41

CNCF & Community


Cloud-Native Industry

  • Announcing HashiCorp Boundary
    HashiCorp announced on their house conference HashiConf two new exciting projects. HashiCorp Boundary is a simple and secure remote access — to any system anywhere based on trusted identity. Boundary looks like a promising alternative to common but legacy access ways.
  • Announcing HashiCorp Waypoint
    The other pair of shoes announced by HasiCorp is Waypoint, a supporting developer with a consistent workflow to build, deploy, and release applications across any platform. Waypoint allows you to create, deploy, and release software; as simple as possible, developer centric.




  • CVE-2020-15157 "ContainerDrip" Write-up - Darkbit
    "If an attacker publishes a public image with a crafted manifest that directs one of the image layers to be fetched from a web server they control and they trick a user or system into pulling the image, they can obtain the credentials used by ctr/containerd to access that registry."

Containers & Orchestration

  • Learn about Podman and forget Docker
    Docker always served us well - it is the dawn of a new set of container tooling... Daemonless containers, containers running as non-root, building OCI compliant images without Docker... Read it, learn it, love it!


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