Cloud Native News - CNN43
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Cloud Native News - CNN43

Announcements of KubeLinter, Grafana Tempo, Akri for a connected edge and HashiCorp Nomad heading towards 1.0.
Cloud Native News - CNN43

CNCF Statement on the Passing of Dan Kohn
This week the open-source world lost one of their open source leaders. Over the past years, Dan Kohn steered the open-source community's rapid growth through the Cloud Native Computing Foundation. He recently brought a new open-source foundation about public health to live. When we first met him last year, our company joined the CNCF as a member and got certified as KCSP. Dan embodied what the CNCF stands for: an open, welcoming, and inclusive community.

CNCF & Community

Containers & Orchestration

  • Announcing HashiCorp Nomad 1.0 Beta
    "HashiCorp Nomad has officially reached version 1.0, bringing HCL2 support, dynamic application sizing, namespaces in the OSS version, and more."
  • How to use skopeo to migrate off Docker Hub
    Quite a few people recently think about moving their container images away from Docker Hub due to the recently announced pull limitations. Luckily there are a few alternatives.
  • Announcing Akri, an open-source project for building a connected edge with Kubernetes
    "Akri lets you easily expose heterogeneous leaf devices (such as IP cameras and USB devices) as resources in a Kubernetes cluster, while also supporting the exposure of embedded hardware resources such as GPUs and FPGAs. Akri continually detects nodes that have access to these devices and schedules workloads based on them."
  • Introducing Nydus - Dragonfly Container Image Service
    "Nydus minimizes download time and provides image integrity check across the whole lifetime of a container, enabling users to manage applications fast and safely. It "mainly consists of a new container image format and a FUSE (Filesystem in USErspace) daemon to translate it into container accessible mountpoint."



  • Introducing KubeLinter - an open-source linter for Kubernetes
    "KubeLinter analyzes Kubernetes YAML files and Helm charts, and checks them against a variety of best practices, with a focus on production readiness and security." - I'm pleased to see companies that haven't been popular for OSS are contributing more and more to the Open Source community!

Cloud-Native Industry

  • cloud-custodian/cloud-custodian
    "Cloud Custodian is a rules engine for managing public cloud accounts and resources. It allows users to define policies to enable a well-managed cloud infrastructure, that's both secure and cost-optimized. It consolidates many of the adhoc scripts organizations have into a lightweight and flexible tool, with unified metrics and reporting."

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