Cloud Native News - CNN35
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Cloud Native News - CNN35

Kubernetes 1.19 released, k3s now a CNCF sandbox project, HTTP proxies are still a thing and explore Chaos engineering with LitmusChaos
Cloud Native News - CNN35

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Container Orchestration

  • Kubernetes 1.19 Release - Accentuate the Paw-sitive
    After one of the longest release cycles the Kubernetes Project faced so far, Kubernetes 1.19 with the nickname "Accentuate the Paw-sitive" got released. 1.19 comes with new features like storage capacity tracking, CSI volume health monitoring, structured logging and many more!
  • Increasing the Kubernetes Support Window to One Year
    With Kubernetes 1.19, the support cycle for Kubernetes versions will increase to one year. The longer support cycle will help many companies in the adoption of Kubernetes and give them at the same time a little bit more time to update their environments.
  • The Runaway Problem of Kubernetes Operators and Dependency Lifecycles
    "The operator concept was originally devised for stateful applications like databases, caches and monitoring systems where even with Kubernetes, getting scaling, upgrades and reconfiguration right without losing data or availability means knowing a lot about how those applications work. The underlying problem is that while Kubernetes has always dealt with distributing application infrastructure, it wasn’t really designed for distributing data."
  • Why Kubernetes Operators Will Unleash Your Developers by Reducing Complexity
    Operators are a big part of helping us an automated, on-demand, container-based future. They are crucial for Kubernetes day 2 operations and already a fixed part of the Kubernetes ecosystem. It is very likely that you already run some kind of operator in your cluster!


  • How NAT traversal works
    In this post, you will learn how to establish a peer-to-peer connection
    between two machines, despite all the obstacles in the way.
  • Deploying Istio Control Planes Outside the Mesh
    "The external control plane deployment model enables the Istio control plane to be run and managed by mesh operators who have operational expertise in Istio, and provides a clean separation between service mesh control and data planes."
  • HTTP proxies in the cloud native world
    "Proxy servers are out of fashion, but you may meet them at some places, or you might even realize that they are a good candidate to solve your problem."


  • Roadmap - GitOps Toolkit
    Weaveworks introduced the flux CD roadmap towards v2, what is planned to be implemented and how far they are with the implementation.

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