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Cloud Native News - CNN34

Thanos & Cortex moving on to CNCF Incubation, Google announces Cilium as the new networking dataplane for GKE, Tekton Hub (beta) offers ready to use recipes
Cloud Native News - CNN34

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  • Pomerium
    Looking for a solution to make Prometheus accessible via your identity provider? Pomerium is an identity-aware access proxy enabling exactly this.


  • Introducing Tekton Hub
    The Kubernetes-native CI/CD framework oftentimes got the feedback that "ready to use recipes" and reusable Tekton Tasks are hard to find. Tekton Hub tries to fix this issue. "We think this is an important step to enable broader adoption of Tekton, considering that there are not too many OSS solutions that integrate just perfectly with Kubernetes."

Photo by Rahul Chakraborty on Unsplash