Cloud Native News - CNN21/28
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Cloud Native News - CNN21/28

About Kubernetes API deprecations in 1.22, writing a k8s controller in rust, organizing cluster configuration with Grafana Tanka, using Alex Ellis' Inlets to expose ephemeral clusters and a Kubernetes Security overview!
Cloud Native News - CNN21/28

Cloud-Native Industry

  • What Is WebAssembly — and Why do You hear So Much About It?
    WebAssembly (or WASM for short) is starting to show up in a wide range of tools and platforms. Although WebAssembly brings languages other than HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to the browser, it’s not a JavaScript replacement and brings the potential to be the next Docker-like revolution.

Containers & Orchestration




  • Azure/cloud-native-app
    Have you ever wondered what an application architecture would look like if you committed to using mostly all graduated or incubating projects from the Cloud Native Computing Foundation? This repo, the CNCF Projects App, attempts to answer that question with an example expense application that is made up almost exclusively of CNCF projects.
  • esrlabs/josh
    Combine the advantages of a monorepo with multirepo setups by leveraging a blazingly fast, incremental, and reversible implementation of git history filtering.
  • alexellis/arkade
    Your local one-stop shop for Kubernetes tools is right at your fingertips!

Photo by Riccardo Trimeloni on Unsplash