Cloud Native News - CNN21/27
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Cloud Native News - CNN21/27

Read the Juju Kubernetes operations report 2021, find out how to contribute to OSS without code, compare Terraform to Pulumi, read about AWS EC2 Hardware trends and how to create a Serverless Engine without Kubernetes...
Cloud Native News - CNN21/27

CNCF Community & Industry

  • Kubernetes and cloud-native operations report 2021
    "Data from 1200 respondents on hybrid and multi-cloud operations, Kubernetes, VMs, bare metal, goals, benefits, challenges, operators, advanced usage, edge, and more." - Well written, entertaining, and educational.
  • How to choose a SIG as a non-code Kubernetes contributor
    "Contributors aren’t people in capes or part of some secret society. How to start committing to the GitHub repos that make up the project is well documented, yet it remains intimidating for many." - A great writeup by Chris Short on how to contribute to Kubernetes without coding anything.

Containers & Orchestration

Data & Storage


  • Idempotency-Key IETF Standards Draft
    Idempotency-Key is a convention long in use by Stripe to provide idempotency on non-idempotent HTTP verbs, and it now has its own IETF standards draft.
  • Pulumi vs. Terraform
    Not exactly from this week but still a nice little comparison on two great tools for infrastructure provisioning via IaC.



  • BGP in a Nutshell
    "Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) protocol has a very simple purpose: choose the fastest and the most efficient route to deliver a message from one autonomous system to another." - Learn more about "the GPS for the Internet" in this writeup by Bodun Hu!
  • 8 Use Cases for Kubernetes over VPN: Unlocking Multicloud Flexibility
    Using advanced VPN technology like Wireguard to span a Kubernetes Cluster across the boundaries of your datacenter is something we wrote about before. Still, there is a multitude of scenarios to apply these concepts.



  • pq - parse and query log files as time series
    pq (explicitly not pg) is a tool to parse and query log files as a time series. It is written in rust and a great approach to explore your log files!
  • dignajar/another-scheduler
    "Another Scheduler is a Kubernetes controller that automatically starts, stops, or restarts pods from a deployment at a specified time using a cron annotation." - I never had the problem. Still, I can imagine this might be helpful in some scenarios!

Photo by Leif Christoph Gottwald on Unsplash