Cloud Native News - CNN21/09
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Cloud Native News - CNN21/09

KubeCon 2021 schedule is out, Helm gets its next security audit, how to become a Kubernetes maintainer and more breaking news...
Cloud Native News - CNN21/09

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  • Conntrack turns a blind eye to dropped SYNs
    As a systems engineer, it's only a matter of time before you're debugging network problems for the first time and come into contact with conntrack. This kind of deep dives is super valuable to understand the Linux Networking Stack just a little better.
  • Cilium User Survey 2021
    Long-time readers of this newsletter probably already noticed that I'm super excited about the Cilium project. No question, I'm supporting their latest User Survey.


  • Threat Alert: Monero Miners Target Cloud-Native Dev Environments
    "In just four days, the attackers set up 92 malicious Docker Hub registries and 92 Bitbucket repositories to abuse these resources for cryptocurrency mining."
  • Helm | Helm 2nd Security Audit
    "Helm has now completed a second security audit, funded by the CNCF. The first audit focused on the source code for the Helm client along with the process Helm uses to handle security. The second audit, performed by Trail of Bits, looked at the source code for the Helm client along with a threat model for the use of Helm."


  • K3S + K3D = K8S : a new perfect match for dev and test
    You all know K3s, k3d is a utility designed to run k3s in Docker easily. It provides a simple CLI to create, run, delete a fully compliance Kubernetes cluster with 1 to n nodes. A booster for your local "K8s" feeling development.
  • Testing HashiCorp Terraform
    "Learn testing strategies for HashiCorp Terraform modules and configuration, and learn how to run tests against infrastructure."


  • Anaïs Urlichs - #100DaysOfKubernetes
    On her learning journey, Kubernetes Anaïs Urlichs shares her learnings every day while preparing for the CKAD exam. Thank you!
  • AbsaOSS/k8gb
    "k8gb focuses on load balancing traffic across geographically dispersed Kubernetes clusters using multiple load balancing strategies to meet requirements such as region failover for high availability."

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