Cloud Native News - CNN21/07
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Cloud Native News - CNN21/07

About Hashicorp Nomad for home computing, building Control Planes with Crossplane and bringing Edge Computing to Space!
Cloud Native News - CNN21/07

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Containers & Orchestration

  • Running Nomad for home server
    Setting up a single node Nomad and Consul server to deploy self-hosted workloads. The world needs more Nomad content to realize: Kubernetes is not always the answer! This is related and worth reading Hacker News thread.
  • clastix/capsule
    "Kubernetes Operator for multi-tenancy."
  • Extending applications on Kubernetes with multi-container pods
    I'm amazed about the consistency of learnk8s bringing top-notch quality material for teaching people Kubernetes. Kudos for their always on-point visuals! Their latest shot deals with some multi-container patterns. A must-read!


  • Kubernetes 101 - Network Policy
    Quite a formal analysis of how Network Policies work. Maybe not the very first source to consult to understand NWP, but probably a good one for a deeper understanding of their capabilities and constraints.



  • salesforce/cloudsplaining
    "Cloudsplaining is an AWS IAM Security Assessment tool that identifies violations of least privilege and generates a risk-prioritized report."


Photo by NASA found on Retronaut