Cloud Native News - CNN38
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Cloud Native News - CNN38

What are the challenges to become cloud native? Orchestrate VMs with K8s, Open Service Mesh accepted as CNCF sandbox, Detecting CVE-2020-14386 with Falco
Cloud Native News - CNN38

CNCF & Community

Cloud-Native Industry

  • Top 7 challenges to becoming cloud native
    Cloud native is a challenge for organizations, professionals and the IT market. The slightly different way of approaching new platforms & applications seems to be a major (mile)stone and causes struggles.


Containers & Orchestration

  • 5 Problems with Kubernetes Cost Estimation Strategies
    A recurring problem in highly dynamic infrastructures: cost estimation. This post explains nicely why there is no perfect fit between apps and the infrastructure resources, but what you can take away to get a very well match!
  • Using Kubernetes to orchestrate VMs
    Baremetal Server + K8s + Calico = K8s orchestrated VMs(yes VM, not container), with the help of KubeVirt. Learn how you can fast & easy spin up VMs from K8s on your bare metal hosts.



Most important meal of the day! Cloud native cereals, now available. from kubernetes

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