Cloud Native News - CW17
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Cloud Native News - CW17

The Kubernetes community build an effective communication, CFP for KubeCon US is open, implement Zero trust and finally get a documentation to undocumented myths of the kubelet
Cloud Native News - CW17

CNCF & Community

The communication team of Kubernetes gives insights into how their work with all contributors builds a better communication process.

Also, the same team is looking for helping hands for their marketing and communications group to support Kubernetes and their contributors to spread their cloud native words

CFP opens for KubeCon US, do you have unique experience or insights from one of your cloud native projects? Are you working on or contributing to an open source project? Then KubeCon/CloudNativeCon is the right place for you.

Due to the current situation around the planet the Kubernetes Release Team and SIG Leads extended the Kubernetes v1.19 release by 7 weeks, so we can expect the next release a week after KubeCon US.

Processes / Guides / Articles

  • From Zero to Zero Trust‌‌
    A much-debated concept is emerging in the last years and getting more than relevant in times of IoT, Edge Computing, and Blockchain.
  • Living Without Atomic Clocks‌‌
    Time is a crucial factor in distributed systems. Especially if these systems are processing database transactions. While Google's Peeping Tom relies on atomic clocks to keep transactions synchronized, they are a heavy investment in infrastructure. This article sheds some light on how to distribute a database without an atomic clock.
  • Running decade-old games in containers
    Containerize all the thingz. The PC game classics Botanicula and Machinarium are now running in Docker containers!
  • How io_uring and eBPF Will Revolutionize Programming in Linux
    "Two new, exciting interfaces: eBPF (or BPF for short) and io_uring, the latter added to Linux in 2019 and still in very active development. Those interfaces may look evolutionary, but they are revolutionary in the sense that they will — we bet — completely change the way applications work with and think about the Linux Kernel."
  • How to monitor OPA Gatekeeper with Prometheus metrics
    ‌‌"If you have deployed OPA Gatekeeper, monitoring this admission controller is as relevant as monitoring the rest of the Kubernetes control plane components, like APIserver, kubelet or controller-manager. If something breaks here, Kubernetes won’t deploy new pods in your cluster; and if it’s slow, your cluster scale performance will degrade."
  • EKS Service Accounts Explained‌‌
    AWS EKS is one of the most used managed Kubernetes offers on marked, but the integration and usage of the IAM can be tricky. Get the myth solved.
  • Virtual 4G Simulation Using Kubernetes And GNS3
    Simulating a 4G stack using Kubernetes and other Open Source tools.
  • What happens when ... Kubernetes edition!‌‌
    Deploying workload to Kubernetes can be so easy, but what is really happening under the hood?


  • kubeletctl‌‌
    Kubeletctl is a command-line tool that implements kubelet's API. Part of kubelet's API is documented but most of it is not. This tool covers all the documented and undocumented APIs.
  • Pluto
    ‌‌In the process of bringing your Kubernetes Clusters up-to-date? Doing some version jumps? Pluto will help you finding Kubernetes API deprecations in your manifests or helm releases!
  • magicpak
    ‌Written in Rust, it allows building minimal docker images without static linking.
  • Trow
    ‌"Trow is a container registry designed to run inside a container cluster, potentially allowing for quicker container boot times, better auditing, and greater control over the images that run in the cluster." Here is the Github page.
  • Kubernetes Fury Distribution‌‌
    It is great to see emerging Kubernetes distros, increasing competition. The Fury Distribution comes with build-in Cert-Manager, Open Policy Agent, and nome setwork shaping features.
  • kubesort
    ‌‌Fond of writing (or even memorizing) kubectl --sort-by=.status.containerStatuses[0].restartcount get po to sort pods according to their restart count? Than kubesort is for you.

Videos, Audios and Specials

  • Wizard Zines: How Containers Work‌‌
    I'm following Julia Evans for quite some time. Her Wizard Zines are a refreshing take to learn or revise popular technologies like tcpdump, linux pipes, or - most recently - containers.

Read of the Week

We think this book is a must read, as it is a great reference for everything thats coming after the bare Kubernetes Deployment.

Cloud Native DevOps with Kubernetes
Kubernetes is the operating system of the cloud native world, providing a reliable and scalable platform for running containerized workloads. In this friendly, pragmatic book, cloud experts John Arundel and … - Selection from Cloud Native DevOps with Kubernetes [Book]

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