Cloud Native News - CW15
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Cloud Native News - CW15

GitOps tool Argo get welcomed in the CNCF Incubator program, Cortex v1.0 released, Tekton moves to beta and Google published a new SRE book
Cloud Native News - CW15

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  • Cortex v1.0 released: The highly scalable, fast Prometheus implementation is generally available for production use
    A release I'm particularly excited about! This brings production grade documentation, ready-to-use Grafana Dashboards and Prometheus alerts, backwards compatibility guarantees.
  • Introducing Sidekick - A High Performance Load Balancer
    "While some of the software-defined load balancers like NGINX, HAProxy, and Envoy Proxy are full-featured and handle complex web application requirements, they are not designed for high-performance, data-intensive workloads." - this is Sidekick aiming to fix.
  • Amazon Elastic Container Service now supports Amazon EFS file systems
    "This new capability will help customers containerize applications that require shared storage such as content management systems, internal DevOps tools, and machine learning frameworks. A whole new set of workloads will now enjoy the benefits containers bring [...]"
  • aind
    AinD launches Android apps in Docker, by nesting Anbox containers inside Docker. Unlike VM-based similar projects, AinD can be executed on IaaS instances without support for nested virtualization. This allows Android compatibility (via cloud) for iOS and Windows tablets
  • Tekton goes betaūüéČ
    Finally the hidden champion behind many initiatives and platforms moves to beta, without the clumbsy PipelineResources . The functionalities are now covered by git-clone, pullrequest and workspaces. Get started with an interactive session and get your hands on Tekton!
  • Alcide published sKan
    An open source tool for scanning Kubernetes resource files, and helm charts for security configurations issues and best practices. It's supposed to support developers and DevOps in their work process to make security checks easier.

Read of the Week

Google released their third book on Site Reliability Enigneering "Building Secure and Reliable Systems" for free. It is written by Heather Adkins, Paul Blankinship, Ana Oprea, Piotr Lewandowski, Adam Stubblefield and - as the two before - also edited by Betsy Beyer.

This nearly 500 pages strong bible of modern systems design/building/operating brings together cloud native approaches and best practices used at Google. Not saying it is a blue print for every company, but it is definetly a good read during the easter holidays!

Photo by Daniel Cheung on Unsplash