Cloud Native News - CW16
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Cloud Native News - CW16

CVE-2020-8835 privilige escalation through eBPF, CommunityBridge graduation and Q2 project application, Falco v0.22, read of the week: the open organization
Cloud Native News - CW16

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  • Is BGP safe yet?
    Not many are aware, that something like a Border Gateway Protocol exists. Even less are aware, that it is - as the backbone of the internet - relatively unsecure, considering its importance. There are a few ideas to make it secure: RPKI is one. SCION is another - as an alternative to BGP.
  • Falco 0.22 a.k.a. "the hard fixes release"
    This release fixes some "longstanding tough bugs" but, brings some rule changes and also brings some features like synchronous CRI metadata fetch.
  • Amazon launches Fargate platform v1.4.0
    Still not quite the AWS-native container-platform we wish for. But Fargate brings some improvements like the ability to mount EFS volumes inside Fargate tasks, network metrics and ContainerD as container runtime.

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Read of the Week

The Open Organization: Igniting Passion and Performance by Jim Whitehurst is meanwhile 5 years old, but never be more relevant than nowadays. He write in his book how RedHat build a open source software driven, healthy and visionary company, where openness is lived in every corner of the organization. It definitely worth to read or listen it!

The Open Organization
TODAY’S LEADERS KNOW THAT SPEED and agility are the keys to any company’s success, and yet many are frustrated that their organizations c...

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