Cloud Native News - CNN21/44
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Cloud Native News - CNN21/44

About Longhorn and Dapr joining the CNCF incubator, lazy loading of container images from IPFS, what it means to have IPv6 on Kubernetes and Knative hitting 1.0!
Cloud Native News - CNN21/44




  • containerd/stargz-snapshotter - Release v0.10.0  
    The "fast container image distribution plugin with lazy pulling" now experiments with image distribution via IPFS. What a nice idea! There is already a GitHub issue to bring this feature to nerdctl as well.
  • Knative 1.0 is out!  
    A significant milestone has been reached. Congratulations!
  • patrickdappollonio/kubectl-slice  
    "Split multiple Kubernetes files into smaller files with ease. Split multi-YAML files into individual files." - everyone who tried to parse the output of helm template with awk & co will appreciate this tool.
  • corneliusweig/konfig  
    This seems to be useful. I rarely make use of kubeconfig contexts. Instead, I usually export a dedicated kubeconfig...
  • digitalis-io/vals-operator  
    "Kubernetes Operator to sync secrets between different secret backends and Kubernetes."

Photo by Mihai Moisa on Unsplash