Cloud Native News - CNN21/43
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Cloud Native News - CNN21/43

About writing a custom Terraform provider, getting started with VMWare Tanzu, structure testing for docker containers, eBPF & Cilium streamlining service, and Cloud-Native WebAssemply applications...
Cloud Native News - CNN21/43



  • How eBPF Streamlines the Service Mesh
    Today's service mesh solutions for Kubernetes require you to add a proxy sidecar container such as Envoy or Linkerd-proxy to every application pod. This means, with every pod running in your cluster, you always need some additional container and additionally affecting the latency. eBPF & Cilium are here to rescue!
  • Distributed protocol underpinning cloud computing automatically determined safe and secure
    Paxos consensus protocol is not anymore considered too complex to be proven safe (without hours of manual labor) - "In an important step toward ensuring the protocols that dictate how our networked services operate are safe, secure and running as expected [...]."
  • Cloud-Native WebAssembly Applications Are Already Here
    I think it's fair to say that Kubernetes is not the future of WebAssembly. That doesn't mean that Wasm won't play well with Kubernetes or that Wasm might not be the future of K8s. However, I do think that as a Cloud Native community, we need to stop thinking of everything in terms of Kubernetes so as not to stifle our innovation. This is especially true for Wasm, where there are entirely new ways of architecting and building things that are not considered in k8s.
  • From One to Many: The Road to Multicluster
    This is a blog post version of Kaslin Fields KubeCon NA 2021 keynote "From One to Many, the Road to Multicluster". We think it is inspiring content and worth a share!




Photo by Clément Falize on Unsplash