Cloud Native News - CNN21/36
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Cloud Native News - CNN21/36

About Docker looking for monetization, Developers looking for alternatives, Amazon EKS Anywhere hits GA, KubeMQ a Kubernetes native message queue and reasons to chose Nomad over Kubernetes...
Cloud Native News - CNN21/36


  • Mangadex - Infrastructure overview
    Handling millions of daily users efficiently and securely does not happen by chance. See how Mangadex, which was at times in the top 1000 most popular websites worldwide handles infrastructure. Obviously, Kubernetes is a part of it... 😉
  • Conductor: Why We Migrated from Kubernetes to Nomad
    Posts about technology that are sponsored by the company creating this technology need to be treated with care. However, it is important to understand that Kubernetes is not a silver bullet to all kinds of scenarios. This post summarizes reasons why Kubernetes was not the right decision for a specific set of use cases.
  • How Docker broke in half
    The former container pioneer struggles to monetize their solutions, leading to drastic (but understandable) changes in their product offering. What did Docker wrong while other companies successfully made profits with the same tech? An attempt of explanation.
  • How Different Industries Deal with Cloud and Multi-Cloud
    According to the HashiCorp State of Cloud Strategy Survey, software companies and telcos lead in getting value from cloud and multi-cloud, while the public sector lags.


  • Using k8s kind "rootlessly" without Docker
    Due to the latest changes, there are a lot of people trying to get rid of Docker for Mac and use different solutions instead. While Podman or nerdctl are obvious alternatives, they still lack important features. Tuan Anh tried to make KIND operate with nerdctl and describes the issues he encountered. Spoiler: unfortunately there is no solution atm.
  • Migrating from Docker to Podman
    Podman announced - just in time - its support for non-Linux machines. While it is already a 90% replacement for Docker, there are still some edgy things... A few of them are covered by this article!
  • Kubernetes Network Policies: A Practitioner's Guide
    NWPs is a topic too important to miss. If your cluster is still running without them, consider reading this article!
  • Multi-Cluster Kubernetes Networking with Netmaker
    "Netmaker is a tool for creating and managing virtual overlay networks. If you have at least two machines with internet access which you need to connect with a secure tunnel, Netmaker is for you. If you have thousands of servers spread across multiple locations, data centers, or clouds, Netmaker is also for you. Netmaker connects machines securely, wherever they are."
  • Prometheus HA with Thanos Sidecar Or Receiver?
    "This post differentiates between Thanos Receiver and Sidecar approach for achieving Prometheus HA, compares the both on the various aspects."
  • Are Dockerfiles good enough?
    Without experience writing, Dockerfiles is not as easy as it seems. It's easy to shoot yourself in the foot - this article makes you aware of where to pay extra attention. It furthermore questions "Are Dockerfiles the right tool to describe a container image?".



  • Amazon VPC CNI plugin increases pods per node limits
    As consultants, we have a lot of customers just starting with Kubernetes and using EKS hoping to find some assistance in reducing operational complexity. Being out of IPs is usually the very first problem they encounter in working with AWS EKS. Good that they try to address this issue.
  • eBPF Summit 2021 (Youtube Playlist)
    "Full replay of 2 days of eBPF Summit 2021, plus videos of the individual keynotes and sessions sharing how eBPF enables networking, security and observability. Also 3 live-solving Capture The Flag sessions!"

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