Cloud Native News - CNN21/03
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Cloud Native News - CNN21/03

About the cloud native vision and prediction for 2021, the Kubernetes API priority and fairness, implementing serverless with rootless Podman and running PostgreSQL on ARM-based EC2
Cloud Native News - CNN21/03

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  • Falco vs. AuditD from the HIDS perspective
    "In this blog, we will compare and contrast Falco vs. AuditD from a Host Intrusion Detection (HIDS) perspective." - important from my POV: Falco has more filters, less resource consumption and has pretty versatile outputs.
  • The Next Gen Database Servers Powering Let's Encrypt
    "Let's Encrypt helps to protect a huge portion of the Web by providing TLS certificates to more than 235 million websites. A database is at the heart of how Let's Encrypt manages certificate issuance. If this database isn't performing well enough, it can cause API errors and timeouts for our subscribers. Database performance is the single most critical factor in our ability to scale while meeting service level objectives. In late 2020, we upgraded our database servers and we've been very happy with the results."



  • CockroachDB vs. Scylla Benchmark
    From their description: "Scylla is the best-of-breed of NoSQL. CockroachDB is the best-of-breed of NewSQL. How does it work when you compare apples and oranges?" - nothing more to say ;)
  • PostgreSQL on ARM-based AWS EC2 Instances: Is It Any Good?
    ARM is getting more and more popular. After successfully conquering the mobile market, it is getting more and more important in the server world. Companies and infrastructure teams should start to evaluate ARM as benefits such as performance increase and cost decrease are waving at the other side of the journey.


  • Firecracker: start a VM in less than a second
    Firecracker is KVM based and runs workloads in lightweight virtual machines. It powers services such as AWS Fargate or Julia Evans wrote a nice little intro to how to use it and made a point: containers are not always the holy grail. Sometimes you need virtualization.

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