Cloud Native News - CNN23
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Cloud Native News - CNN23

CNCFs new general manager Priyanka Sharma, Kubernetes CVE MITM Attack, new K8s CKA exam curriculum, K8s & 5G, NIST guide to build secure microservices, OWASP Kubernetes Security Testing Guide
Cloud Native News - CNN23

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  • K8s KPIs with Kuberhealthy
    An operator for synthetic monitoring on Kubernetes. By creating a custom resource (a khcheck) in your cluster, you can easily enable various synthetic test containers.
  • PlanetScale open-sources Kubernetes operator for Vitess
    The operator allows you to quickly deploy Vitess in your Kubernetes clusters. To get started with the Vitess Operator, you can try out these getting started examples on the Vitess website and review the documentation here.
  • Cluster Turndown
    Cluster Turndown is an automated scaledown and scaleup of a Kubernetes cluster's backing nodes based on a custom schedule and turndown criteria.


Discover the basics of message-based architectures, render the same state in different shapes to fit the task at hand, and learn what it is that makes something a monolith (it has nothing to do with how many machines you deploy to).

Practical Microservices
MVC and CRUD make software easier to write, but harder to change. Microservice-based architectures can help even the smallest of projects remain agile in the long term, but most tutorials … - Selection from Practical Microservices [Book]

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