Cloud Native News - CNN19
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Cloud Native News - CNN19

State of Kubernetes 2020 report, Kinvolk shows how to investigate K8s performance with BPF and K8s ChatOps with BotKube
Cloud Native News - CNN19

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  • Promlens
    Julius Volz, the co-founder of Prometheus, created a tool for building, visualizing and explaining PromQLs. While there are no plans to open source it yet, it is still useful, as you can add your own data source.
  • BotKube
    Chatops your Kubernetes Cluster. Anything else to say? 🤖
  • SycallDB releases v4.0
    The "fastest No-SQL Database" and Cassandra drop-in reached 4.0. A major addition to the feature set is DynamoDB API compatibility, which basically enables you to host a DynamoDB-like Database wherever you want.
  • Amazon CloudWatch now monitors Prometheus metrics - Now in Beta
    Amazon jumping on the train: another proof that Prometheus does something right.
  • kuttl
    "The KUbernetes Test TooL (KUTTL) is a toolkit that makes it easy to test Kubernetes Operators, just using YAML."

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  • Knative Cookbook
    "With more than 60 practical recipes, this cookbook helps you solve these issues with Knative–the first serverless platform natively designed for Kubernetes."

Read of the Week

Programming Kubernetes gives a comprehensive introduction to develop Kubernetes focused tools. If you want to get started utilize the go-client, API-machinery, and K8s API this book is the right starting point!

Programming Kubernetes
Developing Cloud Native Applications

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