Cloud Native News - CNN21/49
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Cloud Native News - CNN21/49

Let's celebrate Kubernetes 1.23 release and its 47 enhancements, talk about immutable cloud infrastructure, eBPF making sidecars for service meshes obsolete, and congratulate HashiCrop for a successful IPO!
Cloud Native News - CNN21/49
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  • Even more DRY and maintainable code with Terragrunt
    Terraform is the go-to solution for many infrastructure teams to define complex infrastructures with code. However, Terraform still can get quite difficult at scale and hard to test and maintain. Terragrunt promises help!


  • Kubernetes 1.23: Dual-stack IPv4/IPv6 Networking Reaches GA
    While Kubernetes has supported IPv6-only clusters since v1.18, migration from IPv4 to IPv6 was not yet possible at that point. Ultimately, dual-stack IPv4/IPv6 networking has reached general availability (GA) in Kubernetes v1.23.
  • Pod Security Graduates to Beta
    "With the release of Kubernetes v1.23, Pod Security admission has now entered beta. Pod Security is a built-in admission controller that evaluates pod specifications against a predefined set of Pod Security Standards and determines whether to admit or deny the pod from running. Pod Security is the successor to PodSecurityPolicy which was deprecated in the v1.21 release, and will be removed in Kubernetes v1."
  • Network Service Mesh - release v1.1.0
    The Network Service Mesh released v1.1.0. Interested in connecting network services? Then this is your best bet!