Cloud Native News - CNN21/41
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Cloud Native News - CNN21/41

About CNCF community award winners, Cilium joining the CNCF, differences in memcached and Redis, Rancher Desktop as Docker desktop alternative, and first results of the Prometheus Conformance program...
Cloud Native News - CNN21/41


  • Cloud-Native Computing Foundation Announces 2021 Community Awards Winners  
    "Annual awards recognize outstanding community members for advocacy, contributions, and documentation in cloud native technology" - congratulations to all the winners!
  • Cilium joins the CNCF  
    Cilium has joined the CNCF as an Incubation project! Cilium provides networking, security, and observability for cloud-native environments by acting as a CNI and enhanced networking layer for Kubernetes using eBPF. - "With Cilium joining the CNCF as the only Incubation- or Graduation-level CNI solution, it's rapidly becoming the natural default for Kubernetes clusters everywhere."
  • Entry Level Kubernetes Certification to Help Advance Cloud Careers
    The CNCF announced the Kubernetes and Cloud Native Associate (KCNA) exam is now in beta testing. The certification is expected to be generally available by the end of this year.



  • Rancher Desktop: Kubernetes and container management on the desktop  
    Rancher Desktop is an open-source desktop application for Mac and Windows. It provides Kubernetes and container management. You can choose the version of Kubernetes you want to run. You can build, push, pull, and run container images. The container images you create can be run by Kubernetes immediately without the need for a registry.
  • Announcing KubeSpan: What it is, how it works, and why you need it  
    "KubeSpan delivers a solution to the coordination and key exchange problem, allowing all nodes to discover and communicate in an encrypted channel with all other nodes – even across NAT and firewalls." - a great addition to the TalosOS ecosystem!
  • maxgoedjen/secretive: Store SSH keys in the Secure Enclave
    Secretive is an app for storing and managing SSH keys in the Secure Enclave. It is inspired by the sekey project but rewritten in Swift with no external dependencies and a handy native management app.
  • Prometheus Conformance Program: First round of results  
    As Prometheus becomes popular, more and more projects and vendors deliver Prometheus-based services. The conformance program is there to certify interoperability with the Prometheus-tooling. It is finally there to protect users from unforeseen surprises!

Photo by Nguyen Minh on Unsplash