Cloud Native News - CW11
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Cloud Native News - CW11

Cloud Native News of the last week...
Cloud Native News - CW11

CNCF & Community

  • CNCF starts new artifact hub‌‌
    "The CNCF Hub is currently in pre-alpha stadium, but aspires to become a central place for Kubernetes users to find packages and configurations.". You can find it here.


  • How Visa built its own container security solution
    "The homegrown solution takes advantage of the native capabilities that already exist on container orchestration platforms and is primarily built on top of open-source tools and libraries."
  • Open Policy Agent’s Mission to Secure the Cloud
    "OPA is an open-source tool that enables the enforcement of a wide range of policies across domains and all layers in the stack. This policy engine supplies users with greater control over their environment while eliminating the need to write a different policy language, API, or model for each product and service."
  • Our migration journey from AWS to Google Cloud — Part 1‌‌
    Migrating a Ruby Application from EC2 and AWS Aurora MySQL to Google Kubernetes Engine and Google Cloud SQL. The Application is now operated in an Istio service mesh.
  • OpenShift is Kubernetes‌‌
    Burr Sutter has produced a video explaining how Kubernetes and OpenShift  relate to one another, and why OpenShift is Kubernetes, not a fork  there of.



  • Admission Control: A helpful micro-framework for Kubernetes
    "Admission Control (GitHub)  is a micro-framework written in Go for building and deploying dynamic  admission controllers for your Kubernetes clusters. It reduces the  boilerplate needed to inspect, validate and/or reject the admission of  objects to your cluster, allowing you to focus on writing the specific  business logic you want to enforce."
  • Bottlerocket‌‌
    An operating system designed for hosting containers; Amazons answer to Flatcar Linux and the recently deprecated CoreOS Container Linux.
  • Connecting AWS managed services to your Argo CD pipeline with open source Crossplane
    "Crossplane’s functionality can be included in your CI/CD pipeline, giving a singular approach to defining and deploying any resource, whether that resource is Kubernetes-native or a component of a managed service."
  • statusbay‌‌
    Kubernetes deployment visibility "like a pro".
  • Amazon EKS unterstützt jetzt Kubernetes Version 1.15‌‌
    While Kubernetes 1.18 is right around the corner, AWS EKS now supports 1.15 with their managed service.
  • D2iQ Delivers CI/CD Platform for Kubernetes‌‌
    Dispatch combines a range of open source tools including the Argo workflow engine, Kudo toolkit for building Operators and Tekton pipelines to create a CI/CD platform that strikes a balance between accelerating productivity and being mildly opinionated about how DevOps workflows should be constructed

Photo by Aleks Dahlberg on Unsplash